A simple donation to FoMPS

We hope you are all safe and well and enjoying the summer holidays.

The weather has been so kind to us and we were looking forward to the best Summer Fayre, YoMP and Ladies walk and your support is vital to these events.  We will be back for more fun and games as soon as we are able and would like to encourage everyone to attend, volunteer and enjoy.

It’s easy to donate via PayPal.  FoMPS and the school appreciate every £1 raised and it all goes to worthwhile and enhancing school and community causes. Our latest event around the village is the summer scarecrows and we hope you enjoy finding them as much as those who have enjoyed making them. Thank you everyone  

All you need to do is click on the link and donate as many times as you want to any multiple you want.

  • To donate £2 – click here
  • To donate £5 – click here

To donate £10 add the quantity 2 (ask the children to help by using 2x and 5x tables or addition combinations to reach £26 or an amount of your choice).

We look forward to seeing all of our friends back at school as soon as we are able.

Thank you from the FoMPS Committee & Volunteers