A big Thank you! The Christmas Fayre summed up…

Well, after all the hard work, volunteer hours and contributions of cakes, jolly jam jars, and raffle prizes, we are thrilled to announce that the fundraising total for the Christmas Fayre on 1st December reached a whopping….

We can’t say thank you (and a well done) enough!

For anyone who loves facts and figures:

  • This year’s fayre made £1,072.96 more than last year.
  • The big bonus this time was a huge increase in raffle ticket sales (apparently you lot LOVE a bit of light gambling!) which contributed over £1500 towards the grand total.

Because of the generosity of much of the Foundation and KS1 parents, we were also able to donate a huge amount of mince pies and other boxed cakes to Leeds homeless charities via one of our kindly Menston residents.

Of course, these efforts create a fun event but the real reason we do all of this is to help raise funds to enhance the school’s offering. We are committed to funding all or part of:

  • the year 6 party
  • Foundation back packs
  • enhancements to school resources & curriculum.

Important Note: One large longer-term aim is to help raise some funds toward a crossing on Main Street outside the school and close to the Coop. Many of the parents in the village will have experienced running the gauntlet that is crossing the road to get to school around 9am. Despite bumps and traffic calming measures we still feel it’s vital that we have some safe crossing provision here. Please add your vote the petition to get a crossing installed by completing the form here . It takes a couple of minutes to do and we would appreciate your vote adding to the others that have already signed it.


Finally, we want to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Enjoy the well-earned break and we will be back in 2019 with more fun and frolicks for the Spring & Summer to come!